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 Begriff & Geschichte 

„A Century of A Cappella” (Here is the beginning of a history of twentieth century a cappella)

„What is a cappella?“ (Acappella Records)

„Was ist A Cappella” (

„Trends in a cappella“ (

„How A Cappella Took Over the Music World“ (ARTSMIC)

„200 Reasons To Love A Cappella“ (Chin, Mike)

„The Glee Factor: A Rise in Amateur Singing (Fitzpatrick, Laura)

„‘Die Große Chance der Chöre?‘ Das war Etikettenschwindel! (Weidringer, Walter in: Die Presse Online)

„Can A Cappella’s Superstars Finally Break Pop’s Ceiling?” (Grant, Sarah in: The Rolling Stones Magazine Online

„Pentatonix Are Making A Cappella Cool Again (or Maybe for the First Time)“ ( in: Huffington Post)

„Sharper Than Ever: A Cappella Is YouTube’s New Favorite Obsession“ (Hoare, Peter, in Fuse)

Szene (deutschspr.) (Vernetzungsplattform)

Magenta (Die A-cappella-Agentur)

The Acappellazone  (Die Künstleragentur für Deutschland, Schweiz und Österreich) 

The Acappellazone – Vocal Blog (Vocal Blog – Web 2.0 Network and Market Place)

Sänger- und Chorbörse AUT: „Hobby a capella Gruppe“ (in: – Österreichs Chorszene im Internet)

„20 Jahre Vokal Total – Deutschlands größtes A-Cappella-Festival“ (Schmidt, Romy)

Szene (intern.)

ACA Blog (Metaverzeichnis von A-cappella-Blogs)

Acapedia (Datenbank von A-cappella-Gruppen by CASA)

A Cappella Community Awards (ACA by CASA)

acappellanews (Blog)

Acappella Records (ACR)

ACATRIBE – For those who speak fluent dm, bah, or fvap (Blog) 

Contemporary A Cappella League

Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards (CARA by Casa)

Doo-Wop Association of America

European Voices Association e.V.  (Home of European Contemporary A cappella)

Primarily A Cappella (PAC, Vertriebsgesellschaft)

Recorded A Cappella Review Board (RARB) 


The Quest For The A cappella Major (Blog)

Vocal Asia (Home of Asian Contemporary A cappella)

Vocal Australia (Home of Australian Contemporary A cappella)